I Dream of New Beginnings

Blog Author: Ed Carlson, CVT, VTS (Nutrition)
NAVTA President

Another year is drawing to an end; the holidays are upon us, and so are new beginnings! Over the past couple of years, veterinary health care teams have been tested like never before. The pandemic triggered so much change and stress in our personal and professional lives. Yet, veterinary technicians rose to the challenge, keeping veterinary hospitals running, adapting to curbside client service while providing excellent nursing care to patients, all while supporting one another, the others on their teams, family, and friends. Change can be difficult during the best of times and can be overwhelming during a pandemic. It can be easy to get caught up in negative memories of the past year or focus on the ongoing issues that plague our profession. But as I reflect and look to the new year, I dream of new beginnings, continuing to advance our profession, and reaching new goals. First, of course, we need to recognize the areas that require a continued focus to address but with a positive outlook and without dwelling on the past—working together to affect positive change, collaborating with renewed energy and hope.

Remember to take time for yourself during the holiday season to relax, recharge, and prepare for whatever challenges and wonderful opportunities the new year may bring as we work together to continually advance veterinary technology and veterinary nursing.