VTS and VNS Credentials

All About the VTS and VNS Credentials

The Veterinary Technician Specialist (VTS) and Veterinary Nurse Specialist (VNS) credentials are awarded to individuals who achieve certification from a NAVTA/CVTS-approved specialty academy.

The VTS credential is most common in the United States. The VNS credential recognizes that not everyone in the veterinary technology profession uses the title of Veterinary Technician and that the Veterinary Nurse title is common in the United Kingdom and Australia.

As of April 2022, there are 16 NAVTA/CVTS-approved specialty academies. Click HERE for the complete list of NAVTA/CVTS-approved specialty academies.

Earning the VTS or VNS designation demonstrates advanced level of knowledge and skill in a chosen specialty area. Upon successful completion of the academy’s credentialing process and examination, you will earn the designation Veterinary Technician Specialist or Veterinary Nurse Specialist (depending on your work title), along with the right to use the VTS or VNS letters and logo.

Only individuals who achieve certification from a CVTS-approved specialty academy have the right to use the VTS or VNS letters and logos. If you suspect someone is misusing the VTS or VNS letters or logo, please contact NAVTA at info@navta.net

When you earn your VTS or VNS credential, the specialty academy will provide you with a logo that includes a line of text delineating your specialty area of certification.

Click HERE for a list of VTS members from every NAVTA-recognized specialty academy. The list is current as of January 2022. Please direct all questions about or corrections to this list to the specialty academy, not to NAVTA.