National Family Fun Month

Blog Author: Beckie Mossor, RVT
NAVTA President-Elect

Family gives us a sense of roots, belonging, and hopefully, a home base when we need one. But not all blood relatives fill the role we hope they would. Family is not always home base, and we don’t get to choose our family, so, thank goodness, family comes in all forms.

Most of us have families that do not share our blood but share our hearts and our love in a way that we have love for our blood family, if not more. Even our pets are part of the family, transcending not just relativity but species. Family and friends are part of the basic human need for connection and belonging.

When it comes to immediate family, fun is all about my nieces. Watching them grow, being a part of birthdays and recitals, and being the “cool aunt” brings me so much joy. It is easy to have fun with them, from coloring to traveling; they are the best humans I know. But like others, we have a family in our closest friends.

On the advice of a colleague a few years ago, I looked for friends outside of the veterinary space. I sought to build a circle of people around me who support me and who I can support through a common interest. My husband and I joined the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, a means of uniting with other veterans and their spouses, doing good in the community, and riding motorcycles. Most weekends, you can find us riding for a cause, working to help a veteran in the community, or riding to get fresh air and friendship. This group is also our family.

Having fun should be a part of our daily regimen. Family, friendship, love, and laughter are the best things in life. If you aren’t getting enough of them, slow down, enjoy the ride and make some memories. It’s worth it.