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February 8, 2024
7:00pm EDT

The Path to Increasing Retention in Veterinary Medicine. Getting to 90%

by Garth Jordan, MBA, CSM, CSPO

Course Description: It begins by asking the right questions. It ends with you taking action. In order to improve employee retention in veterinary practices, we must understand the primary drivers of both attrition (or, the factors driving people away) and retention (the factors that make them want to stay). In other words, it’s not enough to stop pushing people out; we must also create practice “stickiness.” With survey responses from over 14,000 veterinary professionals across all roles, AAHA’s original research goes beyond simply defining the vet med retention challenge by identifying targeted plans to reduce attrition and improve retention. This presentation will outline clear solutions—for the whole team, as well as by role—to help individual practices and our industry at large evolve toward a new standard of 90% employee retention.

Learning Objectives

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Garth Jordan is the CEO of the American Animal Hospital Association.  Over the past 15 years he has served in executive roles at professional associations, including three different C-level roles: Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Strategy Officer.  This purposefully-designed diversity of experience has given Garth the opportunity to: lead diverse teams through strategic planning and successful execution; build businesses with customer-focused value propositions; and develop a well-rounded business and cultural acumen geared toward achieving an organization’s goals through high-performing teams.

Garth’s recent accomplishments include using Design Thinking to design and execute (a) AAHA’s Strategic Plan, resulting in significant membership/revenue growth and (b) a complete digital transformation of the Healthcare Financial Management Association’s business model – helping the organization grow from ~30,000 to over 90,000 members. 

Ultimately, for Garth, every day presents a new opportunity to: discover new connections, people and empathy-based ways of thinking; design new ideas that push the envelope of continuous improvement; and build and prove value for the customers and staff for whom he works.

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