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March 9, 2023
7:00pm EST

Nutritional Support of Pets with Cancer

by Catherine Ruggiero, MS, DVM, DACVIM (Nutrition)

Regardless of selected treatment options for cancer, pet parents and veterinary healthcare team members share a common goal - to ensure the best quality of life possible for the pet. Nutrition provides a unique opportunity for pet parents to exert some control over their pet’s condition, and most are open to trying a new food after a diagnosis of cancer. Although most pet parents will search online for nutrition information, they still trust their veterinary healthcare team’s advice and want your guidance. The challenge is knowing what food to recommend and how to manage the ups and downs of appetite that can occur during the course of treatment or disease progression. This presentation highlights the nutritional features desired for pets with cancer and includes practical tips for communicating with pet parents and establishing a nutritional protocol that supports the pet’s quality of life.

Learning Objectives

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Dr. Catherine Ruggiero is a board certified veterinary nutritionist® and Manager of Scientific Communications for Hill’s. She completed her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine training at the University of Missouri in 2014. Prior to that, she received a Bachelor of Science at St. Lawrence University and a Master of Science in Biological Sciences at Fordham University. She was an associate veterinarian at a small animal veterinary practice in Upstate New York for just over three years before returning to the University of Missouri to pursue residency training in small animal clinical nutrition. Upon completion of an ACVN residency program in 2019, Dr. Ruggiero joined Hill’s Pet Nutrition as a Consulting Clinician in VCS, and is currently working in the Professional Veterinary Affairs department.

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