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National Volunteer Month

Blog Author: Beckie Mossor, RVT
NAVTA President-Elect

Volunteerism has been the backbone of my professional career. I have volunteered on executive boards, with organizations that help in a disaster, fight, hoarding case care, spay/neuter campaigns, service dog training, and creating a nonprofit organization to help veterinary professionals during the holiday. Outside of the profession, I volunteer with the Auxiliary Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, serving veterans and their families in our area and across the nation. Volunteerism drives so much of what I do and so much of what fills my cup. And I have been lucky to have the opportunities I have over my career.

Volunteering helps us get to the core of why we are in this profession. We reach those in need of our care and love, our knowledge and skills, and the ability of our profession to unite for the service of those in need; to speak for those who can’t. While many of us don’t have the resources to take big, international trips, there are many ways to volunteer in and outside our organization. Some websites match volunteers with organizations in need. If you want to get involved with an organization, reach out, find out what it takes, and pursue it! Philanthropy speaks to the givers that we are in this profession and is so gratifying; it may be the spark you need to reignite your passion today!