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Blog Author: Paige Allen, MS, RVT

NAVTA Committee Member

Fall is truly upon us! Temperatures have dropped where I live, leaves are falling (or gone), and it gets dark too darn early, and yet, I am thankful. It is easy to get caught up in the hard things in this world, and it happens to me, but as I write this today, I am thankful. What for you ask? Well, let me share, and maybe you, too, will find something to be thankful for in your life.

I retired this summer. I say retired because that is what it is called so I can access the benefits from Purdue, but I have NOT quit working for, loving on, and giving back to this amazing profession. What retirement has afforded me is time to reflect. Now, if you know me, you will laugh at that statement as I really don’t reflect much. I push through, I make decisions, and I move on. Now, I have time to reflect. I want to share with you the importance of taking time to reflect, to see, and to immerse yourself in this experience we call life.

Each day is a gift that is so easy to take for granted. Whether you believe in a higher power or not, looking at so many things in this world brings me such wonder. The artistry in the world, from the caterpillar on the ground to the stars in the sky. It really is the simple things in your everyday life that can bring you joy and remind you to be thankful. I heard a talk at the HiVE Vet Nurse+Tech event about sparkles in your life. These are the moments that bring you joy – the puppy kiss, the old dog tail wag, the hug from someone you love.

My advice to you during this season of Thanksgiving is to be thankful every day and hang on to the sparkles as you move through the challenges of your lives. We are amazing people, and our profession needs us to support each other, be thankful for each other, and be the sparkle in someone’s day!