Election Results: NAVTA 2023 Board of Directors

The results of the NAVTA 2023 election have been independently reviewed by multiple parties and the following results are confirmed:

  • Heather Prendergast (elected to Board for two-year term)
  • Ryan Frazier (re-elected to Board for second two-year term)
  • Lizabeth Hensley
  • Rachel Beck
  • Michael Azzarello

In addition, Beckie Mossor was elected to the President-Elect seat in an uncontested election and Harold Davis was re-elected to the Treasurer seat in an uncontested election.

Congratulations to those elected for their volunteer service, and deep appreciation to all who participated in the election on behalf of our committed organization.

Further Details:

  • Only Credentialed Veterinary Technicians voted.  As is proper according to NAVTA’s bylaws, there were no other categories of membership that voted.
  • Everyone who voted had a valid membership at the time their vote was cast.
  • No one voted for more than the permitted two Directors.  As a result, all of the ballots were validated.
  • Five ballots received were marked as “In Progress/Incomplete.”  All five voted only for the President and did not vote for the Director position.  If they had voted for Directors, their votes would NOT have changed the results of the election.

All terms on the NAVTA Board of Directors begin Tuesday, January 24, 2023, at the conclusion of the Annual General Membership Meeting.

The NAVTA Board of Directors has a regularly scheduled meeting January 4-5.  All elected individuals were invited to the meeting.  The Board will be discussing not only NAVTA’s elections policies and processes and the concerns raised during the nomination and election process, but also the communications plan to members.