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NAVTA Legislative Strategies Workshop

NAVTA is excited to bring a new exciting collaborative workshop on where you will learn how to draft proposals to modify regulations and/or state veterinary practice acts to advance veterinary technicians in your state. To help bring standardization to our profession, we want to offer an opportunity for people to come together and collaborate on their proposals.

Join us starting October 4 at 6:00 PM ET (Six sessions on Wednesdays at 6:00 PM ET beginning October 4, 2023, ending November 8, 2023)

Workshop Facilitators:

  • Sam Geiling, CVT
  • Mandy Zachgo, LVT
  • Ashli Selke, RVT, CVT

Upon completion of the workshop, each participant will:

  • Outline achievable state legislative goals
  • Write specific practice act language to progress the veterinary technician profession in their state
  • Create an action plan to identify stakeholders and supporters.

Participants of the workshop will have the opportunity to break into small groups where they can work with peers to craft proposals and strategies to engage with their respective state legislatures. Small groups will be guided by mentors who have worked with legislatures and regulators in their own state. If you have interest in serving as a mentor, see below.

Register for the workshop HERE

Volunteer Opportunity: Legislative Writing Workshop Mentors Needed
If you have experience working through state legislative processes, we are asking for your help to participants of the Legislative Strategies Workshop! The goal of this workshop is to help every participant with advancing the role of veterinary technicians in their state. We will discuss networking and relationship building, reading the current practice act and regs, writing a proposal, approaching legislators and more. We are looking for mentors to attend all the sessions and help serve as facilitators of our breakout groups. If you have interest in serving in this capacity, please fill out this form