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Reiterating NAVTA’s Commitment and Participation in Evolving Veterinary Discussions

The Board of Directors of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) reiterates its commitment to the top priorities identified by NAVTA Members: improving Veterinary Technician utilization and wages, defining a uniform scope of practice for all credentialed Veterinary Technicians, and protecting the Veterinary Technician title.

According to a December 2022 survey conducted by NAVTA, Credentialed Veterinary Technicians have interest in the “mid-level practitioner” concept, but only as a goal or long-term project to be accomplished over time, not as an issue that needs to be addressed right now.  Veterinary Technicians are more concerned with title protection for the Veterinary Technician title, optimizing Veterinary Technician utilization, and increasing Veterinary Technician wages and compensation.  The creation of a mid-level practitioner position for credentialed Veterinary Technicians ranked seventh out of ten “hot topics” survey-takers were asked to rank.

In addition to the MLP concept, the creation of a “Veterinary Professional Associate” (VPA) position is being promoted as a solution to the current veterinary shortage. 

“Until such time that our survey data tells us that members want us to focus on the mid-level practitioner position, or the veterinary professional associate position, NAVTA will remain neutral in these conversations and continue to focus on the things members tell us is important,” said NAVTA President Jamie Rauscher, LVT.

Both the MLP and VPA concepts have been criticized as being mistimed, unnecessary, and filled with legal complications. 

NAVTA was invited in February 2023 to participate in meetings with the organization developing the VPA.  This invitation came as a result of NAVTA’s January 2023 public statement declaring NAVTA’s strong desire to be proactively involved in the conversations and developments with regard to the mid-level practitioner position.

“The NAVTA Board of Directors believes it is critical that NAVTA be at the table for these conversations, to have a say in the decisions and outcomes, and to ensure the Veterinary Technician profession is not harmed in any way by the proposal to create a new veterinary position,” said NAVTA President Rauscher.  “But having a seat at the table does not mean that NAVTA supports this new position; NAVTA is officially neutral on this topic. But it is a strategically intelligent move on NAVTA’s part to be part of these conversations now, rather than trying to respond or react to the outcomes later on, should they come to fruition. It is imperative that NAVTA be involved in these discussions on behalf of the entire Veterinary Technician profession. In fact, it would be a dereliction of duty if NAVTA were not involved in these conversations.” NAVTA has set up an online portal for Veterinary Technicians to submit their comments, questions, and concerns about the mid-level practitioner or veterinary professional associate position. Click here to begin that process. Your input will be delivered directly to the CVPA leadership.