Blog Author: Ashli Selke, RVT, CVT
NAVTA President

Gratitude: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

This Thanksgiving season, I want to share my extreme gratitude to all the volunteers of NAVTA and those who volunteer their time to the profession of veterinary nursing. Every day around the country, countless individuals have stepped up to do the unimaginable. They create nonprofit organizations, keep the books, serve on much-needed committees, create fundraisers, attend legislative meetings, and so much more, all in the name of just making our field a better place for individuals.
The Veterinary medical boards and committee members are a tremendous resource for our allied organizations of NAVTA and state veterinary technician associations. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted nonprofits’ ability to recruit volunteers. And now that the pandemic has let up a bit, I am seeing a new generation and influx of individuals wanting to step up for our profession.

For example, we had a record number of individuals ask to be considered for open seats on the NAVTA 2023 Board. What a group of amazing individuals all wanting to step up and serve others. Without these incredible volunteers, our field would not be where it is today. And to the fantastic state veterinary technician associations. I see you, and you all are doing big things! In the past few years, we have seen new associations, better title protection, improved credentialing requirements, and so much more. That is because of all the insanely talented and selfless individuals who volunteer.

So, a HUGE thank you again for everything you do every day for everyone!