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Blog Author: Jamie Rauscher, RVT
NAVTA President-Elect
November is widely known for the Thanksgiving Holiday, in which we gather with our friends and family to celebrate what we are thankful for. In writing my blog for this month, I was asked to share what I am thankful for. As I sat down to write, so many things came to mind. I had trouble deciding on what one thing to share with my NAVTA family. Ultimately, I decided to share what is nearest and dearest to my heart.

My work family is what I am most thankful for in my life. They are the backbone of who I am and have helped me through so much. Their support has allowed me to continually push myself and grow as a technician. Without them, I would not be able to do the things I love most. In addition, I can help others as they have helped me reach my goals over the years.

I have spent half of my life with my current practice, growing and changing with it as I have matured into the person I am today. My boss is so much more than just a boss. She is a mentor and friend. She is constantly pushing me to do more and grow, expanding my skill set and knowledge, and seeking the next goal I have set for myself. Her support is a huge part of why I am the technician I am today.

Over the years, my staff has grown from a tiny group of 5 to over 100 employees. We have moved from a three-exam room practice in a strip mall to a free-standing building that is always busting at the seams to grow continually. We will be able to add the space in the upcoming year to fill 15 exam rooms. We have grown more than we ever thought possible.

Last year we made the leap to fulfill our dream be a 24/7 practice. Without my team’s support, we would have never been able to jump that hurdle and transition to where we are now. While the road has been challenging, not to mention tiresome at times, their support has been there for me in so many ways to help make it successful.

My team helps to support me and reach each and every goal I set for us, no matter how far-fetched it may seem at the time. They are an amazing group of men and women who bring their A-game to work each and every day. They help to provide excellent patient care to all that we see. They are what I am most thankful for. They are my heart.