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It’s National Veterinary Technician Week 2022!

Blog Author: Ryan Frazier, BS, LVT
NAVTA Board of Directors

It is hard to believe that National Vet Tech Week is here! This year is my first NVTW working back on the floor at an ER. I am so excited to work back in the ER and use the skills I thought I lost. My first intubation was a DOA dachshund puppy that chewed on a power cord. My first catheter was on a critical Labrador that needed fluids immediately! After that, I realized the thrill of working in the ER was back.

Working at a hospital that believes in patient-to-staff ratios and working with a team that ensures all team members get their breaks is refreshing. But the most fun for me is working with two team members that are newer to the profession and are in school to become LVTs. I love the energy and excitement they bring each day. It was exciting to see them collect their first blood sample, make their first perfect blood smear, and then work their way up to placing their first catheter. So I wanted to say thank you and happy National Vet Tech Week to all the new or soon-to-be Veterinary Technicians out there!  Thank you for bringing positive energy into the field, and I promise to help look out for you and help keep your passion for learning and the profession alive.