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NAVTA Accepting Board Nominations

NAVTA is now accepting nominations for the association’s Board of Directors. Open positions will be:

  • President-Elect*
  • Treasurer
  • Director

See below for duties of each position.

Deadline for receipt of nominations is 5 pm Eastern Time, Tuesday, November 8, 2022. – Nominations are now closed

Only Credentialed Veterinary Technicians who are and remain in good standing (dues paid through the end of the current dues year) are eligible for consideration for election to the Board.   All Credentialed Members in elected or appointed positions must remain in good standing for the entirety of their terms.

Members of the Board of Directors serve terms of two (2) years beginning with the Association’s Annual General Membership Meeting, which will be January 24, 2023.

*In order to be considered for the seat of NAVTA President-Elect, the Credentialed Member must have served at least one term as either NAVTA Treasurer or Director on the NAVTA Board of Directors in the preceding seven (7) years.

All nominees must submit a document explaining their qualifications and desire to serve on the Board of Directors.  All nominees must submit a current resume/CV, a brief biography, and a current photo of themselves.

The duties of the Association’s Officers shall be broadly defined as follows and may more specifically be defined in policies adopted by the Board of Directors.

Position Duties


  • In the temporary absence or disability of the President, the President-Elect shall assume the duties and powers of the President until such time as the President shall resume said duties.
  • The President-Elect shall serve on the Finance Committee and shall perform such additional duties as may be assigned from time to time by the Board of Directors.
  • Upon the conclusion of the term as President-Elect, such person shall, unless otherwise determined by the affirmative act of the Board of Directors, succeed to the office of President.


  • Participate in board meetings, discussions, and votes.
  • Perform service on ad hoc work groups, as assigned.
  • Serve as liaison to NAVTA committees or work groups, as assigned.


  • In general, perform the duties usually pertaining to the office of Treasurer.
  • Serve as chair of the Finance Committee.
  • Prepare and maintain minutes of Association meetings.
  • Maintain and be custodian of all books and records of the Association.
  • Be responsible for the safekeeping of all funds and other assets belonging to the Association and for their proper use and disbursement.
  • Keep an accurate and proper account of all receipts, disbursements and finances of the Association and present reports thereof at the Annual General Membership Meeting, the meetings of the Board of Directors, and at such other times and places as may be determined by the Board of Directors.
  • Safely maintain all funds and other Association assets in a bank or other depository or investment designated by the Board of Directors to the credit of the Association.
  • Annually present to the Board of Directors for its approval a financial budget for the ensuing year.

Note: With the exception of serving as Chair of the Finance Committee, the Treasurer’s duties are delegated to the Association’s professional staff, with oversight provided by the Treasurer.