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NAVTA Members Overwhelmingly Approve Bylaws Amendments

September 22, 2022

With a 91.1% approval rate, NAVTA Members have overwhelmingly approved revisions to the Association’s bylaws.  The approval rate far exceeds the 67% required to amend the bylaws.

“The incredibly high percentage of votes in favor of the bylaws revisions speaks to the effectiveness of the board’s plan to communicate openly, honestly, and with complete transparency to the NAVTA Members,” said Phillip E. Russo, CAE, NAVTA’s Executive Director.  “The changes were many and complex, but the Members did their due diligence, asked their questions, communicated their likes and dislikes, and made informed decisions.  This was a great example of how NAVTA reaches out to its members and creates open lines of communication and dialogue.”

NAVTA President Ashli Selke, RVT, CVT, thanked NAVTA Members for their endorsement of the revisions.  “The NAVTA Board and the NAVTA Legal Committee put in a great deal of work revising the bylaws,” Selke said.  “It is very gratifying to see such tremendous support for our work.  Thank you!”

The revisions to the bylaws will go into effect gradually over the next several months.  For instance, the “Executive Board” will immediately be called the “Board of Directors.”  However, the seats on the Board will not be renamed until the start of the new terms in January 2023.  Also, the change from Veterinary Technicians being called “Active Members” to being called “Credentialed Members” will happen with the next dues renewal cycle, which begins in October.